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attestation Vitale d'Assuree


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I recently taught english for a few weeks in the school my daughter used to attend when she lived out here with me, I haven't been paid yet and I received a letter from l'Assurance Maladie (Charente) telling me that in order to do something or other they need, a passport, a birth certificate etc etc. They also ask for 'votre attestation Vitale d'Assuree', what is one of them and how on Earth do I go about getting one if I don't have one.

Thank you!


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To answer the question:

CPAM = caisse primaire d'assurance maladie (the body that provides your French health cover)

Carte vitale = card issued by your primary health assurer to simplify the reimbursement process when you visit doctors, pharmacies, hospitals etc.

These are pretty fundamental to living in France and have to confess I too am amazed that you lived in France and apparently got a job without knowing about these things.

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