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Cervical Smear Tests


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A cervical smear is called "un frottis" (sometimes, "un frottis vaginal"). Some GPs do it themselves, others might prefer to refer you to a gynae. I am happy about my woman GP to do a frottis, she seems as competent as many gynaes, and it saves a special trip.


So, just ask your médecin traitant, and he/she should be able to arrange it


P.S. Is Clair on holiday? She usually, always beats me to it....[:D]

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[quote user="Chocolate"]What are they called here in France and how do I arrange for one please?[/quote]

After your test the sample is sent away for analysis. You will then receive a demand for payment from the clinic and as soon as you pay this the results will be sent to you, and the person who took the sample. You'll also then receive a feuille de soins so that you can claim repayment from your caisse.

In 2005 the cost was €28 and Mrs Benjamin says thanks for the reminder.  [:D]

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Thank you everyone for the helpful answers.

I don't want to organise a test with my French GP. If I really must do so, must I pay for a consultation with him so that he can give me the name of anyone? Or do I just look up 'gynealogical' in the local telephone directory and 'phone someone who is the closest? Just phone and make an appointment? How do I actually go about finding, contacting and making an appointment please?

Thank you Ame for the link but my French isn't up to the heavy duty stuff.

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Chocolate - you can find a gynae in the yellow pages and phone to make an app't direct with them.

Usually it would be better to be referred, to a specialist, by your medecin traitant, because if you go direct to the specialist there is a lesser reimbursement. What the link says is that there are two main exceptions to this rule: standard tests from a gynaecologist and an opthamologist.

So it's fine to book your smear app't directly with the gynae, there is no financial penalty for doing so.

PS. Just re-read your questions and would like to add... Yes, if you go through the doctor to make the app't, you pay the doc their consultation fee.

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There really is nothing to it.

You don't even need to speak or understand anything.

At the risk of appearing too down to earth all you really need to do is take off your knickers.

(Wear a skirt and you can keep that on - makes you feel less erm, exposed somehow)

They'll post you the results.

The last one I had was done by my medecin traitant. I mentioned that I thought I was due for one (a frottis that is).

She said "maintenant?"

I said "Pourquoi pas?"

And Robert was your oncle.

Done and dusted in five.
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