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Calling ex submariners.any nationallity


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this is purely a private interest enquiry.I served u the submarine service for aprox9 years in the 60,s and early70,s on both diesel and nuclear types.I have just been diagnosed with osteoporosis,and also have loss of hearing in certain frequencies.A colleague has also loss of hearing,another has thyroid problems.My doctor when reading my bone scan result ,remarked that this was "of course" related to my service in submarines.I would be pleased to hear from any other ex submariners if they have any resulting health probs.This is purely for my own inquistiveness.Maude
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Hi Maude.

It just so happens that I know a submariner who is originally from land locked Yorkshire, and now lives in the Vendee, St Hilaire de Voust. He has lived here for quite some time. I would imagine that his years of sevice were on the old diesel subs as he's a few years my senior.

I do know that he too has a major hearing problem to the point of possibly down to 30% and he tends to lip read quite a lot, he can hear if you shout loud enough.

I don't know if he has any internet, but I can only ask.

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