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Walk in surgery


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What is the French term for the above, assuming I have used the correct English term that is!

I mean a Saturday morning session where no appointment is needed or will be given, you just arrive and wait your turn to see your chosen médécin.

Un permanence?

Les consultations sans reservation?

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Thanks Christine.

My usual wait is 30 minutes with an appointment, this is another cabinet where they have un medecin federal for my diving medical, he is another club member and I guess he is not so popular with the patients as most seem to want to wait for another so i usually get seen quite quickly.

Its just last year when I rang for an appointment (which he had told me to do) we had some communication problems and the woman was very short tempered, I am usually quite confident on the phone, this time I just want to know if he will be there or not on saturday.

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