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ALD Prescription Error


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Since my most recent (cancer- and thus hence ALD-related) op', I have to have 2 blood tests a week for the next month as I'm on anti-coagulants.  Unfortunately, the intern forgot to write ALD on the prescription so I've got a bill from the lab' for the first one and will thus get 7 more like it.  What would you do?  Should I pay and let my insurer take care of it?  Go to my gp and see if she can change it?  Send the Parcours de soins to the lab' and hope they invalidate the bill?  Go back to the hospital and get them to re-write the prescription?
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You could ask the lab to do it free on the understanding that your GP will be giving you a back-dated ALD prescription, and phone her to confirm

I often do this with similar blood tests and medicines.

After all it will be your GP who will be doing your immediate post-op care.

In fact even if you had to pay the lot yourself (which you won't) the tests for INR/TP are very cheap

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