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Well what I ACTUALLY was trying to buy was zinc supplement 15 mg - something that does appear to have a useful effect in reducing the misery of the common cold,  and is commonly available in Britain either by itself or combined with Vitamin C.

Having explained to our local pharmacist and put her to the bother of ordering them specially I've ended up with 30 glass phials,   which from reading the leaflet that comes with them appear to be excellent in the treatment of all manner of skin complaints.

Do any of you good folk think that zinc in this form will be useful against a cold - or will I just become stunningly beautiful....?

Thanks for any thoughts....

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I have had vitamins and/or minerals in glass files in France. Cannot remember which ones, but I have had them.

Do yours have zinc in them? edit, I suppose that you said that they did.


Never heard of zinc against colds, I used to take oscillococcinum against bad colds and flu.

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"They" did some research not so long ago that seemed to suggest that zinc was about the only thing that was proven to be any good against colds.

"They" weren't the "alternative" medicine enthusiasts,   they were (as far as I know) scientifically based.

Can't say much more than that,  other than that several colds over the last couple of years have seemed to fizzle out with less misery than normal.   Can't of course prove what would have happened if we hadn't taken zinc tablets.....

What I've ended up with is a different compound of zinc,   hence the query.....

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I can agree to the zinc supplement reducing the effects and duration of colds, I know that doesn't help your supply issue.  I believe the zinc supplements are a chelated zinc which helps the body absorb it easier.  I suppose it depends on the dosage.

I remember seeing a guy on television who drank colloidal silver for some health treatment (quackery) and turned that oxidised silver blue colour, he looked like Pappa Smurf [:D]

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