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Single Room "franchise medicale"?


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I've just had a bill for my op' from January when I had a single room, as I'm entitled to under my top-up policy.  It's a charge of 5€ a day from the hospital.  Is this a government charge I don't know about or something I can claim back from the top-up?  It seems a bit odd that I did not apparently get charged for the full room rate but of course this may well have happened behind the scenes,

I will, of course, ask my insurer but thought it might ring a bell with one of you.

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Was it for something else like the TV?

Or did your Mutuelle have a limit of say 45€ a day when the charge is 50€ (or similar figures) ?

I had the 18€ daily charge

the Single room supplement (my Mutuelle paid a bit less than the full charge hence what I say above)

and the TV

but no other daily charges.

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