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different cv question.


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we have had our cvs for the last 9 yrs due to running a B&B, being registered and paying our cotisations to what is now the RSI.

If we cease to run our B&B are we entitled to keep our entitlement to french health care and our cvs.

If not would we qualify under the 5+ year rule of residency and tax payments and who would be our 1st point of call to start the process.

Any ideas from anyone out there would be appreciated..

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You now are entitled to be treated in the same way as a French national in those circumstances, but I am not sure how that works for the RSI.

If you have been paying côtisations to an employer there is a period of cover during which the allocations chômages pay your côtisations, then even after that stops there is a grace period before  you lose your cover, but I believe it is not so generous for businesses.

Things also depend on your financial situation. Don't despair!  Even if you have no income you can get health cover though the CMU (not the sort that early-retired Brits pay into, but  the genuine one for those in need).

You don't say whether you have other income, which might change what you are entitled to.

I would have though that RSI would be the first place to  start, and after perhaps your local CPAM, although I am not sure if they deal with ex_businesses.

I am sure that Clair or someone with experience of running a B&B will know more.

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We've recently done this. On the advice of RAM/RSI we went to URSSAF to terminate our business (a microBNC), took us about 15 minutes, who have then sent the information to everyone else we paid oodles of cash to! Also according to RAM they will cover us for another year for healthcare, to give us time to sort out things with CPAM. We recently successfully updated our CV's at the pharmacy to be on the safe side.


Good luck


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