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Lost/Stolen Carte Vitale


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As some may have read in the driving section, I've had my wallet stolen (or at least it's very very lost). It had my Carte Vitale in it and I've downloaded and printed off a form to report the card lost or stolen.

However, on the papers that came with my carte vitale in 2010 it states that the period of validity is only up until a date in 2011 (a year later) - a 1 year validity period seems excessively short, so am I translating it correctly? and should I bother sending the form in if the card expired 18 months ago anyway?
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Firstly have you reported your wallet stolen to the gendarmerie. If not, then do it ASAP, like tomorrow. And personally I'd call in or just call the CPAM and ask what to do.

Incidentally what does your CPAM attestation say, you will have had one prior to getting your carte vitale, and perhaps should have had one since, the attestation is far more important than the carte vitale, so if that isn't up to date, then you really need to get that up to date first.

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I'd recommend getting a password so that you can access your account online through www.ameli.fr A bit late for this problem, but useful in future; you can report a lost or stolen card and request a new one. In addition you can keep a check on your payments.

Another thing you can do is to print off your attestation; I've noticed that this is valid for about 6 months (I've forgotten the exact period) but while waiting for my new photo CV I printed mine a couple of times and the expiry date moved forward each time in line with the period since the last printout. I don't think the CV itself has an expiry date, which is why you have to update the card at the pharmacy or at the CPAM offices from time to time.


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JE - if your carte vitale was issued in 2010 for one year, what happened after that? It's now 2013.

Could have been that it was issued for a short period (2 years) because you were an early retiree who had been paying NI  in the UK.

Or that you had an S1 but needed to refresh the card every year?

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Thanks for your replies,

I've been down to the gendarmerie and was told I should wait a few days before officially declaring the wallet as stolen in case it turned up and that in the meantime I should declare my CV and driving license as lost or stolen (I had obviously already cancelled my bank card).

I think I may have mis-translated the document I mentioned - I think it is saying that I should have the CV updated every year, rather than renewed every year.

I'm 26 and admittedly don't really spare my CV much thought as thankfully I've never needed to use it! I have my attestation/social security number and as far I'm aware as long as I continue paying my contributions via my AE I'm covered.

The gendarme said that I needed to cancel my CV but suggested that because it was a photocard it wasn't much to worry about.

In the end I've followed the instructions on ameli.fr and have posted a lost/stolen declaration to Harmonie Mutuelle - nowhere did it say that I needed to contact them by phone and cancel it urgently so I presume that it isn't of much practical use to a thief. Should I be more concerned?

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