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Violence in Emergency services


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Is becoming more and more common with guns and knives being used to threaten staff.

A recent incident at  Marseille has highlighted it but it is a growing menace.

At Nîmes there is a force of security guards recruited from ex-police and others, but the problem is general in Languedoc


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There was a report about the sapeurs pompiers being attacked too.

I cannot help but wonder why this is simply being looked at, as employing extra protection for these workers, it isn't good enough. At some point, people who attack are going to have to face some proper punishment, because a tap on the hand along with a warning is not good enough.

The human rights act is protect us 'all', the herd. Once people cross the line of acting in an unreasonable and / or criminal manner, then why is that not counted as them forfeiting their 'human' rights????? 

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