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Not tried them specifically, but have used Glasses2you for several years now for both my wife and son. Great service and if you have any worries you can send them your "ordonnace" if you don't understand the figures. Its also possible to upload a photo from your computer and try the glasses!

I have no connection with the company, I wear contact lenses!!
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All useful info both.  I last used specs4less or some such outfit and I didn't find the glasses that great.  However, I do have a small face and normally buy child size glasses and also, I couldn't be bothered to make a complaint and ask for a remboursement so my experience is not what you would call typical.

OH is now needing new glasses and I am most interested to follow all the possible leads on here.  Thanks everybody.

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Happyview looked a bit expensive to me but maybe you can get something back on your top-up with them.  My son has used Glasses2you and I have used Spex4less (I'm wearing a pair now). I found spex4less after sales very good and they helped me out when I broke a pair of prescription sunglasses (no fault of the glasses, I hit the ground at speed while skiing)
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