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Getting basis Caisse Maladie coverage


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I am originally from the UK but moved to France (La Martinique) from Switzerland over 6 months ago.

I tried to get a private health insurance; bit was refused because I had no basic SECU coverage (CPAM). I then wrote to my local SECU who sent off my request to a specialised outfit in Nîmes “le CREIC”.

Since I am experiencing a bureaucratic nightmare with CREIC. Every time I send them a required document, they take 2 months and send me back a request for another one, threatening to end the process if I do not reply within 21 days, when I only receive their letter 35 days later! They have eved started asking again for the same documents.

Having worked in French for 35 years I am fluent but that does not seem to help. 2 letters and 2 registered letters down the track I am still providing more and more info to them with nil result.

There is only a postal address in Nîmes for CREIC, the only number provided is 3646 CPAM but not it doesn’t work from Martinique, but even if I do get through, I am 100% sure that they will tell me that they are CPAM and not CREIC and cannot help.

So far I have had 3 different people replying, one actually phoned me and asked for some info and then assured me that all was OK. This was 3 months ago and still their endless requests trickle on.

My question is the following? Is anybody in charge of CREIC so I can now start copying my letters? I found the name of a person who is in charge of CPAM Nîme who seem to host CREIC, but knowing French red tape, he will wash his hands of all of this and give me the usual “désolé Monsieur, je ne peux rien faire pour vous …”

Is there anyone / body that I can get in contact with involved who will stop this endless game?

Many thanks for your feedback.

Très cordialement,


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I looked up CREIC and couldn't find anything.

I was a little surprised that the CPAM even got involved or recommended anyone either. And you are quite right 3646 would just take you back to the CPAM, so there is no point. It isn't up to them to help you with something that doesn't concern them at all.

If the CREIC haven't taken any money, then surely a simple internet search for assurance santé in a DOMROM would bring up a list of companies.

This link has a few companies.


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Idun. I've found it useful when Googling acronyms to put points between the initials (e.g. c.r.e.i.c.)

I found the following, which could possibly help

[url]http://www.cpam-du-gard.fr/limesurvey/index.php?sid=82215[/url] - which at least says what the acronym means -

and [url]http://www.securite-sociale.fr/Affiliation-a-la-CMU-pour-les-ressortissants-europeens-inactifs-etudiants-ou-demandeurs-d?type=presse[/url]

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You could also Google "CMU ressortissants européens inactifs" , which produces more information such as


However, all this seems to apply to people who have never worked in France and who can supply an S1.

In your case, if you worked here for 35 years you must already be/have been affiliated to a CPAM or other provider, so I think that you should be approaching that caisse for information, or giving the details to the local caisse in Martinique.

Edit: Sorry, I thought you said you worked in France, but see you worked in French.

If you are "inactif" (i.e.retired or not working but below retirement age) you should be able to get an S1 from your State health insuarance entity in Switzerland to cover you in France for a limited period.

If you are retired (i.e. drawing a State pension) you should get an S1 to cover your health care in France indefinitely.

NOTE:  I am assuming that the system works the same for Switzerland, as an EEC member, as it does for EU member countries.

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thanks Nomoss, I would not have thought of putting full stops in a search, I did try it like this though C R E I C, on a yahoo.fr and not a thing.

Droyston, well at least I know what creic is now, but I don't understand why you even need them, surely the local CGSS could deal with you.

Whatever, you will need an S1 to hand in, have you got one? Can you get one?

Also I don't think that you realise that there are two sorts of health insurance.  One is a top up, and is known as  complementaire or mutuelle and it tops up the payments received from the social security, if you don't have SS cover then they won't let you have the 'extra' cover. 

If you haven't an S1 to hand in then you will need full private health insurance to cover all your costs and I think that this is obligatory. There is a link on my first post..... I didn't get it all wrong.[:$]

  From Martinique then the CPAM en metropole should be 0 811 70 3646, I shouldn't think that you need the 0033.

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The office in Nimes was set up to process claims for CMU-B from EU inactifs. So, it is part of CPAM but not a local office. One option to try and get to the bottom of the problem with your application may be to ring the CPAM English helpline (I know you speak fluent French but they are used to dealing with Europeans having difficulties with CPAM). It is based at the CPAM in Manche but they have a reputation for being helpful with enquiries from anywhere in France. They have an international number which is 0033 811 36 36 46. They at least may know of some additional contact details for the CREIC.
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