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Top-up Insurance with Travel Insurance anywhere?


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So Mr. Nectarine and I are thinking about getting top-up insurance (recommendations for companies most welcome please) but we also need travel insurance for some forthcoming trips. However, as dear Mr. N. is over the age that some companies will insure - even if he doesn't look nor act it - our regular travel insurance company in the UK won't continue to insure him and a few other companies have come up with prohibitive premiums. I should state we're both in good health and no long standing problems so it is just his age which is causing the hiccup.

But as we are planning to get top-up insurance anyway it makes sense to combine with an annual multi-trip travel insurance if there is one.

Does anybody have any recommendations or advice on this please? All ideas most welcome.

Thanks in advance.

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After a certain age your options are more limited and in any case premiums go up on the basis of age.


gives some idea of which companies will accept people at what age.

Remember that there are two sorts.

Genuine mutuelles de santé  who are not allowed to ask you to fill in a questionnaire about medical history,

Insurance companies who ca and often do ask for this.

I always thought that the two sorts of insurance were separate and independent from each other, but someone may know better.

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I've not been able find one that includes travel insurance. All the travel ones require declaration of pre-existing conditions. Each year I try for the best value as we visit our daughter in New Zealand. The one which best meets our travel need is with Staysure.com who do cover expats. Their prices appear competitive if you've not many issues and they do cover over 80s. If you do come across a company that does both I'd be very interested
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