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EHIC card or not !!


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I am a UK pensioner living in France with a business still in the UK. I have a Carte Vitale for French healthcare but would like to know whether I need to get a French issued EHIC carp to cover me for my visits to the UK

My wife also lives in France and has a French registered business so I presume she will need a French issued EHIC card for UK visits ?

Any advice will be very much appreciated.

Thanks, Jim.
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If you have a Carte Vitale because you have an S1 form, you are à la charge of the UK and the UK issues your EHIC.

If you are à la charge of France (a Franch pension or because of working or having a business here) then France issues with a CEAM card which does the same thing but is only valid for a year.

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If you have your CV via an S1 then UK are responsible for issuing the EHIC.

Where your wife gets her EHIC (CEAM in France) depends on how she gets her health care.

If it's because she has a business and pays into the system then it will be from France, if she is on the back of your S1 then it's UK.

EDIT: crossed posts !

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If you're a UK state pensioner, you shouldn't be piggybacking on your wife's health cover, you should have applied for an S1 from the UK.

In effect you're claiming to be dependent on your wife for health cover on the basis that you have no entitlement in your own right. But that is wrong because you do have an entitlement in your own right, you're entitled to an S1. I'm surprised your wife's caisse let that one slip past them.

Being on an S1 would be to your advantage because it would mean you wouldn't have to pay CSG tax on your UK state pension.

If you're an early retiree of course it is different.

I presume you are in fact a French taxpayer who also pays tax in the UK? If you live in France you have to declare your worldwide income here.

I believe that under the new arrangement, people who have paid into the NHS for a certain minimum period will have a permanent right to free NHS treatment in the UK, but this a new thing that was brought in when the S1 for early retirees was scrapped, and goodness knows how it's supposed to work.
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