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Hello - I wonder what the outcome would be should I present myself to a French doctor in France where I have had a maison secondaire for 11 years now?

I am so thoroughly fed up with the way that I am being treated here in the UK, waiting times are quite disgustingly long.

I have paid into the French system for 11 years now via foncieres, habitation etc, does anyone know what would happen? Would I be entitled to a referral to a dermatologist?

I am not a legal resident and have only EHIC cover.

Worried by what may be a pre-cancerous condition and really needing to know - thanks in advance for any elucidation.
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You could of course consult  a Doctor and pay in the normal way but not be reimbursed.

23€ a GP and 46€ for a specialist if they are conventionné secteur 1

None of the payments you have made have any thing to do with the French health system. The accounts are quite distinct as opposed to the muddled way in which the NHS is funded.

On the other hand, while you may get a reasonably quick appointment to see a French GP don't necessarily expect a short wait for a specialist. It rather depends where you have your house since waiting times are often much longer in country areas where specialists are thin on the ground

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I think you would be able to be referred to a dermatologue by your local generaliste. You might have to pay, but the initial consultation shouldn't be too expensive (? about 60€?) You might even be able to make an appt. direct with the specialist. Maybe try that first.

Your generaliste might be able to take a sample of the mole  etc and send it off for testing - this happened to me when I had a mole on my arm which seemed to be getting bigger. Then you pay for the test which is done by an independent lab.

If it's positive and you need a small operation that would be another expense, not sure how much. Mine was done at Toulouse.

These costs could be reimbursed by the UK health service, but this can't be guaranteed.

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Bluecard .............

First of all, forget about having (as you put it) "paid in to the French system". That will count for nothing.

However you are a 'client'. I see no reason why a dermatologist wouldn't be happy to see you and provide an opinion. You'll pay their fee for that initial consultation, probably not much more than €40-€50. The only advantage for talking to a GP first is that he / she will know the best person to be seen by.

What happens then though? If some surgery is required, then you'd be in for the full cost of whatever might be required. It might not be cheap.

Having said all of that, it might be worth it for the peace of mind - it might well be nothing to worry about.
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If you are based in the UK and getting no joy from your GP, look up "NHS walk-in clinics" for your area and go and present yourself there. Alternatively, do a search for "NHS Mole clinic" in your home area. There are some reputable private mole clinics - the most famous one being "the mole clinic" in London.

In any case, do NOT put it off, and if you can get to see your GP (obviously the preferred route into the system) insist on a referral to a dermatologist. If you are worried enough to post here about it (and assuming that you are not a hypercondriac like me), make the NHS work for you and be insistent.


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To all who answered me - I thank you all.

All the info has been very useful and I think I now know which route to take, again so many thanks to all of you.

Also - I discern a fair amount of concern, this has made me feel good - let's hear it for the forum:)
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Bluecard if you are in the Centre region then possibly consulting at La Roche Posay, one of Frances top dermatological centres would be useful as they treat skin complaints af all types.

Back to the UK if your doctor is failing you go to see another, Cancer pre or otherwise must be seen by a specialist within 14 days and follow ups for testing likewise. That was the Only good thing T B liar did, The area health authority should be informed if your GP isn't taking your case seriously, just because they are a doctor doesn't mean they are any good.  My visit to see the GP was likewise and 9 months went passed before I saw another GP and was put forward for testing to confirm cancer.  The previous GP hadn't even entered it onto my notes which meant of course my word against his but he doesn't work in our health authority any longer if you take my meaning!

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