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Travel Insurance - I'm confused


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My wife and I are retired UK citizens. Resident in France, so pay our taxes here. Registered with CPAM, but as we're retired, the UK pays them for our health costs.

So far, so good.

We're travelling over to the US in a few days time, for my daughter's wedding. I'll need travel insurance, mainly for the health cover. So, do I buy it here (as a french resident travelling to/from France) or do I buy it in the UK (as a UK citizen)?


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You're not a UK resident any more so will have to apply as a French resident.

The only UK company that I know that will do travel insurance for non-UK residents (as you are, since you live in France) is staysure ( http://www.staysure.co.uk/travel-insurance ). Or telephone them on 0044 1604 210845. They will certainly give you a policy and I found them very helpful .

However, for an annual policy I asked Allianz here (they often have English speaking advisers, or you can find the address of their Eymet (24) office where they have several English speaking brokers) and I got an annual policy for Mr. N and me at a very good price.

But for a short term policy I'd try Staysure, everything is done over the phone and email and you can get the documents emailed to you quickly so you have them for your travel.

Have a great trip!
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Glad you are sorted.  I did speak or email (can't remember) Globelink to check on previous conditions and then did it all including paying, online.

It came up for renewal recently,  online, but no further pressure once I said not renewing at the moment, and no further (annoying) emails.  Now that I can deal with and would trust another time.

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