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Can someone please check that I have understood correctly?


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Here's the background to my query.

I recently had a couple of biopsies taken which were parcelled up by the specialist and I was told to post them.  Everything was prepared, label printed, postage paid packet, etc.  Where it said value of contents, the amount was zero euros .......which amused me a lot; 2 chunks of my skin were worth nothing!  Maybe not to anyone else.............[:)]

Today, I received a bill from the cytology laboratory.  There were 2 components:  montant des actes x amount and honoraires de dépassement y amount.  Now I understand that I will get x back but not y and that is fine.

Then there is this sentence:

Votre feuille de sécurité sociale vous sera adressée dès réception de votre réglement.

Does that mean that they will send me the bit of paper to claim back x after I have sent them my cheque to cover all the fees?

There were also instructions on what to do if you were on 100% and you were CMU funded or have an ALD but neither of those conditions affect me, so your answers would not have to include these conditions of use.

Thank you in advance.


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Yes, you have understood, send off the payment and they'll send you your feuille and then send it off to the Secu.

A while since I have looked at a feuille de maladie, but I'm sure that there must be boxes to tick if there is an ALD or someone is CMU funded.

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Thank you, id.  I have not had to have bits of me sent off for analysis (not counting prise du sang) and I was most surprised when the specialist handed me the packet and told me to go to the bureau de poste with it.

Such a different and FRENCH way of doing things, o la, la .............  I certainly learn new things by the day!


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Depends on what the test is, it happens. I have had to do the same. I am used to it being like that. I like it.

I like getting my own results and being a responsible adult and looking after a copy of said results and not some numpty in a GP's surgery not finding them.

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