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English speaking CPAM line?


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I've tried to contact them today using 3646 and the number to be used if phoning from outside of France, only to find that the automated message is all in French!

Maybe I've tried the wrong numbers, I haven't phoned them for a long time but the last time I did phone the message was totally in English.

Many thanks
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Thanks all, I managed to get through to them finally but they weren't much help today, unusually.

Yes Jay you're right - it is an ENGLISH speaking helpline and normally when I've phoned it has always been an automated message in ENGLISH. Even the ameli site says it's for help with English speakers.
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It starts in French telling callers that this is an English speaking line for English speaking residents and gives a number for French speaking residents to call If you hang on long enough it then goes on to the usual choices and horrible "musak" I think that 3646 is the French line and that the English line is 08 11 36 36 46
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I call 0811703646 and get french

speakers. in fact I just did it, AND FROM England............. all in french, asked for my departement etc, in french.


Pour joindre votre CPAM depuis l'étranger, composez le (+33) 811 70 36 46 (appel au prix d'une communication internationale)

And not a mention of it being an english helpline........ maybe the french or people like us need to contact the CPAM when out of the country.

I object to CPAM money being spent on an english

speaking line. I moved to France, we are still under the CPAM system (paying into it)

and expect that the language of France to be used.

Not as if the CPAM is well off these days, the black hole used to be bad it is dire now.

I simply hate money being wasted by any health service y compris here in the UK............ as much as I hate smart alec replies!

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[quote user="idun"]And not a mention of it being an english helpline...[/quote]

There's been an 'English-speaking helpline' for at least 10 years... I don't suppose it costs much if anything to maintain - CPAM probably has a list of advisors who already speak English and if an English-speaking person calls (because, of course, English is widely spoken by more than just British people) the call can be passed to one of them. They will answer emails in English too.

There are many things which irritate - in any country - but a health service providing limited admin assistance in more than the native language wouldn't be high on my list.

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