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Americans' health care in France


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Once again, a question for those in the know from our American friends hoping to relocate to LBF.

They realise they will have to have an expensive Mutuelle as they have not been paying into the European system, and therefore will not be in possession of a Carte Vitale. Will they have to pay "up front" for medical/hospital care and then reclaim the amount paid?

Additionally, will there thus be a whole swathe of forms to be filled in pertaining to this exercise.

For all knowledgeable answers, many thanks in advance, on their behalf, and also from us in Evian.

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I do not believe that a mutuelle would deal with such a case..... I always say that a mutuelle is 'top up' insurance, where as this is full insurance. So, I think it would be private insurance they would need.

I would imagine that if ill,they would have to pay up and then get reimbursed. And also have to prove that they have sufficient cover, to the french authorities prior to their move.

The french consulate web sites are, I have found, excellent and full of information for anyone moving to France. So have they contacted their local one in the US, as it will be that consulate that issues the first visa anyway, then subsequently deal with the local Prefecture once living in France.

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I think Idun has pretty much covered the main points. The one thing I would add is that if they needed elective rather than emergency treatment, I think it should be possible for the insurer to confirm to the hospital in advance what charges they will take on.

In theory for a longer treatment it should also be able to get the insurer to do the same thing - though your friends may need to pay up front to start with.

In terms of paperwork, an invoice will be required to get reimbursement from the insurer. I assume they would accept a feuille de soins as an invoice, but that is something to check with the chosen insurer.

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Consulate General of France in Washington Visa information:


The Medical Insurance section

Along with other required documents needed to get a Schengen visa, all applicants have to present a medical insurance valid for the Schengen territory (regulation of the European Union: decision 2004/17/CE of December 22nd, 2003).

A letter from your insurance company is required. This letter has to mention that you will be covered in Europe for any medical, evacuation and repatriation expenses during your whole stay. The medical expenses have to be covered for at least $35,000 or 30,000 euros.

Please kindly note that a photocopy of your insurance card will not be sufficient enough to meet the above requirements.

You have to contact your insurance company to get this letter. If your insurance company does not provide such a letter/coverage, please purchase an international insurance prior to your appointment at the visa section and do not forget to bring the letter. TravelSafe, Seven Corners, Axa assistance, MEDEX, Europ assistance, IMG meet the Schengen requirements.

We kindly remind you that the insurance coverage letter is a mandatory document. Applicants missing this document will systematically have their visa denied.
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I thought that local french consulates had to be used in the US, rather than Washington, and I suppose that 'local' perhaps means more accessible, as people wanting to do this have to go in person to the consulate. Which ofcourse in this case, could be Washington DC.

ALSO, €30.000 is not a lot of cover is it???? Find that strange really, but there you go, the french have decided on that.

Isn't there also a requirement to prove one has enough money to 'live' too??

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