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Doctor retiring


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Yes.......... you!

You can use whichever GP you want and just need a form filling in to register your new one.

I would hope that no one is running around have to folk who have such a choice........ I say this because there is too much running around after folk in the UK wasting NHS ressources....... not  only do I not like it, but am not used to it.

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Until a new doctor arrives, you will have to find another one.

In my last village the old doc died suddenly and his patients went where they could. However, the commune and the neighbouring one got together, both built small health centres and then managed to get a splendid Roumanian doctor who splits his time between the two.

His wife is also a doc and she is the doc for another commune or two a couple of miles away.

But the commune(s) will have to get its/their act together and provide the appropriate working conditions.

This being said, it is now difficult to get young doctors to go to rural and isolated areas; they prefer the fleshpots of the South of France.
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This happened in the commune where we used to live, just before we moved to another commune.  Patients just had to go to the Dr. in the nearest town. Eventually they found someone to replace him.

Now the same thing is happening here - ours is a family practise and the elder who established it has just retired at age 85!

His son and his wife are in their late 50s and looking to cut down their hours, and have found a youngish lady doctor to do a few sessions. But some of the traditionalist patients here refuse to see her, they only want the doctors that they know. So big notices on the doors - 'Do you want to make the Gers into a medical desert?' etc.

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[quote user="CeeJay"]surely some action should be taken by someone?[/quote]Yes and by you, you find another doctor and see if they will sign you up - what else ?

The same happened with our doctor about 3 years ago and she had just about every English patient in the area on her books although we did have plenty of notice.

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Obviously you need to find a new Doctor for yourself, not forgetting to declare the new one as your Médicin traitant (ask the new one or the receptionist for a form).

Many small practices are struggling to find replacements for retiring GPs, and so the more forward-looking communes are  trying a number of strategies to encourage younger Doctors perhaps with families to move.

For example building a group medical centre where several practioners including a nurse, kiné or dentist can come together under one roof and share the burden.

Rather new to France there is also an influx of foreign Doctors from countries such as Romania where French is an important second language as well as from French colonies.



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