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Moving departments and healthcare + new doctor?


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Do you automatically have your records transferred when you change your doctor? I am hoping to move departments and wondered what happened when you do in terms of health care.

Also I have a mutuelle with Allianz and I presume that can be transferred too??

All comments welcome!


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Your medical records are your property (and your responsibility).

My Doctor keeps a copy of the letters he gets from specialists, results etc on his computer system and I keep a copy of them on a USB stick as I sometimes have to consult in a different area. I update them every few months or after a major incident.

As far as administrative records are concerened:

When you change to a new department you have to register with a new médecin traitant and declare your choice to the CPAM or you may not be fully re-imbursed.


(Your new Doctor will probably have that form and my help you do it)

The one hitch could be if the new Doctor is in a new Region not just a different department since  you may have to change over to the CPAM of that new region.

The Mutuelle should just follow but you may need to be sure that if you have had to change Region that the new CPAM have the details.

Allianz themselves should be informed of the changeof address of course.

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According to this it seems that departements have separate caisses, and some have more than one  [url]https://demenagement.ooreka.fr/fiche/voir/116847/demenagement-et-securite-sociale-procedure-de-changement[/url]

But it seems you can make all the necessary changes here [url]www.ameli.fr/assures/droits-et-demarches/vous-changez-de-situation/vous-changez-d-adresse_pyrenees-orientales.php[/url]

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The reason for having to perhaps reregister if you are changing regions or even departements is that their computer systems are not necessarily compatible and so they could not send an electronic copy of your file.

The Pas de Calais, for example, cannot 'talk' to the departement next door, the Somme.

Mark you, given what Chancer has said about his little bit of paradise, it is probably just as well!

I got this information from the fonctionnaire who reregistered me when I moved.
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It also depends which records you mean.

When I changed doctor about ten years ago, just before he retired, he refused to copy his hand-written back-of-the-envelope notes to my new doctor despite several attempts and also refused to write a summary. So I had to construct my own summary. I did have all the x-rays, analyses, etc so could give copies of the paper documentation for those.

My doctor has a computer system which, as far as I can tell, only contains rudimentary notes, mainly from any prescriptions given. If he writes a letter to another consultant he does not keep a copy and does not give a copy to me. Although there are (slightly) more detailed written notes, I doubt they would be passed on to an unknown doctor.

My current doctor is slowly preparing for retirement and has an identified replacement to take over who now works one day a week and does have access to the notes.

I think you should construct an outline medical history, even if just dates and events, to give to your new doctor.
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We moved from Dept 22 to Dept 24 in 2008, and I can honestly say it was like moving to a different planet. Nothing was straightforward but we were in that period of time when the healthcare was changing dramatically. Hopefully things are easier now so good luck with it
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