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andymr wrote : I have been told I have start of Cataracts in both eyes. I need a recommendation for a good surgeon in the Sarlat, Bergerac Perigeaux area.

In my last eye test a short while ago I was told the same thing but was also told that I would not need an operation for some time - possibly a couple of years. This is because the cataract needs to be 'mature' before it can be operated on.

Were you told that you need to find a surgeon straightaway ?

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Sorry I cannot help with a local to you recommendation.

In my case the cataracts developed very quickly and I was lucky to find a surgeon with a short waiting list (I was warned of a possible 6 month wait for a first appointment, but was seen in 8 weeks). The guy did an excellent job on the first eye and then on the annual check, the second eye, which had no significant issues before, needed to be done. Also successfully.

After each op I was walking around normally the next day with vision that I had not had in 50 years.
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If you have an opthamologist in France he might (as mine did) do the op, or at least be able to recommend someone.  Alternatively your GP should be able to recommend someone.  Mine, who I would recommend highly, is too far away for you.

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