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I am piggybacking on my OH S1, don't receive mine until 2019. We have a mutuelle and both our French NI numbers are listed on said mutuelle.

However when it comes to doctors visits etc my OH gets the reimbursement but I don't. When checking the l'Assurance Maladie en ligne it is showing there is no Mutuelle in my name.

Any help would be appreciated.
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Call your mutuelle and ask what is happening and make sure that you are really covered.

YOU need to know this as what would happen if you need hospital treatment.

Let's face it the only people who can tell you are your mutuelle.

What does your contract state???? You should have a some sort of list of entitlement, if you have not, ask for it.

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[quote user="Tom 58"]That is exactly our situation; our mutuelle refunds me for my wife's expenses and we sort it out amongst ourselves. ?[/quote]

This always amazes me, a married couple who keep their finances separate even at this level. I used to have married neighbours who individually paid for the items of shopping that they claimed as theirs from the shopping trolley they had used for their weekly shop. I do feel that I live in a different world sometimes.
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