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English speaking dentist Brive/Limoges area please?


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I've never been to a dentist that can speak English Patf, and I have been to loads.

Our vet does not speak English either. My cat does not speak French or English. LOL. But they don't seem to have any problems communicating.

As everyone knows, I speak rubbish French. But I have never had a problems communicating or understanding when going to a Dentist.

I would not worry if they don't speak English.

It is a good hurdle to get over.
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"ALBF did not get where he is today by going to see English speaking doctors, dentists and vets."

Eeeeeee man - [:D] - you dropped yourself right in it there!

Think about it.

ps apologies to Terry and Liz for the descent into personal remarks. Started as usual by ALBF.

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ALBF: Similar to WBs responses when he wont admit that he is perhaps backing the wrong position.

City living is the same the world over - commuting or having lots of dosh if in the centre.

Nb have had two glasses of everyday wine - too tight to open good stuff brought back last year from France.
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