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What do 'Charges Mensuelles' include for those renting via an Agency?

Daft Doctor

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Hi, I have gathered that long-term rentals through an agency in France mean as the tenant you pay monthly rent (loyer mensuel) and a one-off agency fee (frais d'agence).

It seems there are also 'charges mensuelles' to pay, which seem to be a substantial percentage of the rent (20-30%). Does anyone know what these charges mensuelles include? Are we talking tax d'habitation, utilities, etc? Any insight as always most welcomed.
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There is no fixed answer.

The sort of things that may be included are cleaning/maintenance of common areas, water(but never as far as I know electricity) heating if from a central system.

I would expect the tenant to be responsible for taxe d'habitation  and the TV licence, although the latter may be part of the charges.

There may well be management fees for the 'syndic' which manges the building.

As always you need an itemised list.

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