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Getting married in France


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Your starting point is the Mairie for your commune.

The biggest stumbling block is likely to be the requirement for one of the parties to be resident in the Commune for a continuous period of one month during the 3 months preceding the marriage (its something like that - I can check it out precisely if you need it.) That's the gist of it from memory, and the purpose of this requirement is to prevent any Tom, Dick or Harry just turning up and saying "Marry us next week please".

In practice, most Maires will draw a blind eye on this (especially if you are a holiday home resident), but you do need to discuss it face-to-face with him / her. If you get the green light, the rest of the requirements are procedural and perfectly straightforward, if a little daunting at first sight.

PM or email me if you need any more info.

There are threads on this and can be found using the search facility.

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