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Any change to your Taxe Habitation 2019 ?


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I must presume from the previous, that nobody knows the bloody answer to my question.

It’s not world shattering, but I just thought that I’d ask.

I guess nobody knows. Never mind. I’ll just retreat in to the wilds of the Gard and hope that somebody finds me one day ..........
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We did not pay for our principale residence last year, but did for the flat we had bought to move into (classed as secondaire). Move in in Feb this year, but as far as I know there is no flexibility in the system for a pro-rata reduction when your secondaire becomes your principale :(
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Gardian wrote: Anybody know what’s going to happen over the audiovisuel element in the current TdH?

Will it simply be collected via Taxe Fonciere?

The TdH will continue as the Macron reductions do not apply to secondary residences and it will still be charges for primary residences for those who pay the l'impôt sur la fortune immobilière (IFI) or those with higher revenu fiscal de référence (27 432 € for one part and 43 688 € for two parts tax)

I'm also not sure how the 100% TdH reduction is going to work. But as I understand it the reduction is given on the 2018 TdH figure. However the local councils are now setting TdH higher than 2018 TdH so the difference will still need to be paid for sums over the 100% of the 2018 TdH.

So I assume the audiovisual tax (reduced a euro to 138€ for 2019) will still be included in any future TdH bills until they decide the cost of collecting it is getting too high and it gets subsumed into general taxation.
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