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ADSL and the telephone

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Sorry if our questions are a bit naive - we have looked at previous threads but are a little bamboozled by routers, splitters, filters and stuff [8-)]

We have gone the route of Wanadoo and livebox (yes, we know, but we were just too exhausted from making a zillion other decisions since our permanent move to France eight months ago).  We have been told that we can make free calls within France for the first three months and then have free calls to the UK thereafter so we're trying to get ourselves sorted for when we can make the calls to the UK - we've been 'on-line for about a month now.  Just for info, we currently have a 'standard' France Telecom line - with phone sockets almost in every room, though currently just have a cheap phone in our office and our UK telephone/answer machine, with an adapter, in the living room.

Our questions are:

  • Our laptop and livebox is permanently situated in the office, which is in a different part of the house, but we would obviously like to use the Internet connectivity for making/receiving calls in the living room and our bedroom.  Suggestions?  Is there a way of utilising the 'standard' phone sockets that are already there - or is that too stupid a question?[:$]

  • This may be a question for France Telecom's excellent English speaking Helpline, but once the UK free calls are in place we won't really need the 'standard' line; can we get rid of it, i.e. terminate the contract?

  • If we plug a phone into the livebox, does it need to be a 'special' type of phone - we've tried it with our cheapo phone but it doesn't seem to work?

  • Finally, when we currently use our 'standard' line we are hearing the ADSL 'activity' as they are  obviously sharing the same line.  Is this a case for one of these 'ere filters, as formally mentioned? If so, please can someone tell us where we get one - and what their French name is?

Hope this has made some sort of sense.  Thanks for taking the time to read it - and thanks a mill in anticipation of any feedback.

L & P (V South 16)

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