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FT customer services phone number

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It may not be easy to get through but you can try this link:

France Telecom Paris has opened an 0800 number (toll-free call) intended to cater for the needs of the English-speaking community all over France.

This department is dedicated to commercial operations.

Concerning technical  problems please contact  1013 (free toll call).

Among the services offered :

- information and advice about available products and services (internet or fixed line) ;
- information and advice about billing and payment ;
- turn-on and termination of all France Telecom services for residential customers all over France (analogic and ADSL line, cable television , discount plans, services such as call waiting, caller ID,  etc...).
This service is open Monday to Saturday from 8:30 AM to 8:00 PM.

To reach this service from abroad simply dial :
+ 33 1 55 78 60 56 english speaking hotline
+ 33 1 55 78 60 34 french speaking hotline.

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