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Another new VOIP service

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Lycos just launched IT'S VoIP service last monday.  Again, all pc to pc calls area free and you can buy credit for pc to landline calls.

However, this has a few things that the other services don't offer: First, you get 100 free minutes for calling land/mobile phones when you join.  You can "earn" free minutes by signing up for services with their partner companies (I'm not big on that, but if it was something I would do anyway, I would consider it), you can take out a free "Gold" membership which gives you a free U.S. telephone number (less useful if you've got people calling from the UK), that let's anyone with a land/mobile phone call your computer as if it's a normal phone.  They'll soon be setup to allow that number to receive faxes directly on you computer as a PDF file.

I still really like the Yahoo service, but I'm trying this one out as well to see how it works.At any rate, if you want to check it out, it's at Lycos

You DO need Windoze 2000 or XP at the moment, although they promise Mac/Linux support soon.


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