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Sky box - subtitles

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We have a Grundig Skybox and because my wife is deaf we use the subtitles facility. Sometime within the last week (I'm not sure exactly when because we've been away) the subtitles have stopped working properly.

Subtitles are selected via System setup, but currently this shows that they are selected ON, however they're not appearing. I need to reboot the box by disconnecting it from the mains and then reconnecting, whereupon the subtitles reappear. I assume this has something to do with the recent software upgrades on SKY? I can't go through a reboot every time I switch the TV on... does anyone have another solution?


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Hi Baz


AFAIK the software is up to date (operating system version 1.2S4FE, EPG Software version 3.4.4b) but I'll certainly give the forced download a try. I'll let you know what happens.



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