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Wanadoo assistance? - ADSL probs.

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Has anyone any suggestions for me regarding technicak help on my (non-)ADSL wanadoo connection?

Regrettably, my French is poor which doesn't help matters.

Basically, at the end of March I (foolishly) upgraded online from Wanadoo Integrales 120Hrs. to ADSL, the website having informed me that ADSL was at long last available in the village. My Integrales account disappeared forthwith from the "Mon Compte" page but now, over two weeks in, I still haven't got a "modem synched" message when I try and set up. I have tried two modems, and other people in the village are also getting frustrated - so it points to me that wanadoo have been premature in letting us upgrade.

Mostly, I guess I'm concerned that I'm being charged a monthly fee for ADSL and yet am paying for cost-per-minute 'phone calls to dial in via old-fashioned 56K modem.

A visit to the local France Telelcom office in Perigueux resulted in the assistant, one Francoise, getting very stroppy with us "rude eenglish" after insisting that we certainly did have ADSL and that both my DSL modems were faulty - I simply could not get thru' to her that a) my ADSL physical connection was not working and b) my concerns over billing.

As ever, any help and/or advice gratefully received.


Bill [:(]

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We initially had problems setting up Wanadoo ADSL and eventually asked a a local IT person to come and sort it out for us.  He spent an hour and charged €40 - it was money well spent.   We found him through the Pages Jaunes.  I suggest you might think about doing the same.  If it's a problem their end such a person would be able to negotiate for you, too.
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It can take a couple of weeks to enable the ADSL line and in the meantime it isn't unheard of for Wanadoo to start charging you for calls. You will know if ADSL is connected because the ADSL light on your modem will light up and stay on - not blinking.

Assuming you have verified that ADSL is connected to your modem . . .

If you are using the Wanadoo Espace software then this may be where the problem lies. The best thing to do is firstly, unplug your new adsl modem from the computer. Secondly, go to Control Panel /Add or Remove Programs and delete all Wanadoo software. Thirdly, plug your modem back into a spare USB port - if nothing happens then that's fine, if you get a message saying new hardware found then follow the instructions for loading the driver - using the Wanadoo CD if necessary but do NOT reload the Wanadoo Espace software. Fourthly,  again in Control Panel, go to Network and Internet connections. Select Internet Options and then click on the connections tab. Click on set-up and configure your internet connection the account details and password information provided to you by Wanadoo.

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Wanadoo’s systems mean that in order for them to put in a request to France Telecom to have your line configured to their (Wanadoo’s ADSL), you must have an ADSL account. If you cancel the account then the request to France Telecom will be withdrawn and you will be back to square 1.

France Telecom quote up to two weeks to configure a line to an ADSL supplier. Whilst it is normally quicker, it can also be a lot longer. It took them 4 weeks to reconfigure my line back into a working state last Dec (despite regular promises, etc.). Thus the delays may be France Telecom rather than Wanadoo. Have you tired calling 1013 (or I have also used 1015 on occasions).

You should be able to call the Wanadoo commercial support line (who answer a lot quicker than the Technical line) and its not hard (with minimal French) to argue and they refund months subscription quite easily (seems its something the operators are authorised to do so they tend to do that just to get you to “go away”). Quite a few of them speak (some) English anyway. Whilst the Wanadoo numbers are premium rate numbers, you can always call the France Telecom English speaking service discuss it with them and, whilst they can normally not do anything themselves, they can put you through to Wanadoo (thus its still a fee call).

In the meantime you can continue using the Wanadoo pay-as-you-go number (same account details, etc.) Of course you are paying but, if you call he commercial people you will not be paying for ADSL. Its almost certainly France Telecom who are delaying and not Wanadoo (as they install the ADSL equipment, configure lines, etc.).

Wanadoo software (as Eslier says) is a disaster and best avoided. Also, the Livebox is generally regarded as a waste of money and can cause more problems than its worth. Far better deals ae Ethernet ADSL modem (10€ outright purchase) and any cheap WiFi Access point from any old computer shop (works out much cheaper and better than paying for a Livebox each month and has the benefit of working as well). If you’ve only one computer you could also use the USB modem (1€ outright purchase – not as flexible but much much cheaper than 3€ each month for ever !!) Just look back through the posts hereto see what people are saying about the Livebox.


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