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french tv with sky digibox ?

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Sorry if this has been up before…

I have used an old british portable tv with skydigibox and sat dish to watch uktv but now find the old brit tv on the blink…..tube probably going as only a compressed 3 in screen viewable..

I also have a one year old Thomson french tv which I use off a separate aerial for french tv…..

Any chance the Thomson would work with the sky digibox thru a scart lead ??? any risk in trying ???

All fully licenced !!

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For what it's worth we have a French-bought Philips TV which works fine from the Sky box using the aerial lead rather than the scart socket, though I suspect it might be one of the few genuinely multi-standard sets around, so can receive all European variations of  SECAM, PAL etc.. But as you intend to use the scart than there should be no problem at all with any reasonably recent French TV.
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Anton, I'm sure you've been asked this before but if we buy a new French TV and aerial etc is there any digi box system that would give access to say BBC News 24 or Sky News but not all the normal UK channels.  We currently only use an old UK TV for Videos or DVDs and would now like to have French TV to help with the language, but would like to also have access UK news.
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To receive French TV first have a look at what your neighbours are doing. 

A. If they have big aerials aimed in two directions then consider a cheap  say 40 Euros including dish Analogue system. You will probablby also need to spend Euros 20 in a cable and mounting bracket.

B. If there are no big external antenna then you may be OK with a set top one

As soon as you want BBC New 24 or Sky without paying a sub you need a dish aimed at a notional 28 degress east and either a sky digibox or a numerique decoder.  Upside with a skybox is a better Electronic Programme Guide downside is sourcing one form the UK. Until Channel 4 and Channel 5 renegotiate with SKY then you will not get them with anything accept a Skybox BUT I paid Euros 63 for a decoder and dish for BBC, ITV and loads of radio as a back up for our second system which we use mainly for video things which emnd at Midnight plus 30min France

Hope the above makes sence - of not post again


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Anton, excuse me but I've just found the answer to my own question. I looked in a Batkor catalogue ( brico type shop ) and there is digital receiver, 2500 channels, for 54,50€.

It must have been quite sometime ago that I originally looked at prices as a back up if my digibox packs in. I can live without Chs 4 and 5 for a while.


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