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Voipcheap calls - are they ok ?

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I joined up to Voipcheap yesterday following a message on here that

recommended it.  I don't usually like giving my credit card number

etc.  but thought that since a few of you are using it then it

must be ok.  However, being a natural worrier, I would just like

someone to reassure me that all is ok with Voipcheap and that it is all

as "free" as claimed.  I don't plan on using the service for any

calls that I might have to pay for but I think I saw that the £10

"deposit" fee that I paid is only valid for 180 days and then I lose it

and must start again - is this right ?  Anyone who has been using

them for a while and has seen their bank statement confirming that only

£10 was debited please let me know.  Thanks

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I have been using them for a few weeks. I credited my account with £5 (not £10) as this seemed OK. Calls seem to be limited to 1Hr (boo hoo!) but no problem with redialling - according to the wife....

I have actually used about £1.30 of my credit, because most UK 08 numbers seem to be chargeable, as are mobiles. Still cheaper than FT, though, but not as cheap as some other providers.

Don't work well on a dial-up line. I use 8Mb broadband.

Cheaper than Skype & more reliable (and not owned by eBay!!!).

Can't find reference to 180 expiry, although I will probably use the rest of my £5 anyway, because it is soooo useful. Use it for all calls I can, including calls to landline numbers in France.

Can't complain otherwise! Actually, I can. "It" lost my contacts list during an update. Found it just before I'd finished typing it in again....

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Hi, it's me again not sure if 18 means 18 cents ot 1.8 cents per minute [:$]. I am trying to find the best deal on calls to the UK from France and vice versa. Most of the calls are during the day and unfortunately many are made to mobiles. Voipcheap appear to be free for landlines but again appear to be 18 cents a minute for UK mobiles. Am I right? If so this will work out quite expensive for us. Does anyone have a recommendation of a service with cheap mobile calls as well?


Very annoying because it appears that Voipcheap is free to both landlines and mobiles to the US. Perhaps I am reading it wrong.

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Sorry  nicktrollope

Have to say I dont agree with your comments on Skype. I have 15 plus clients with whom I hold full range vid/conf via Skype and never had a problem. Moreover, I dont have the wonderful luxury of 8MB - I'm lucky to get 0.8MB.

As for the FREE comment or cheaper than - if you are in communication with another PC/Mac user who has the software on board - it is FREE.

You do not have to pay any unnecessary fee nor any other bits and bobs.

Oh - and by the way - as you are giving advice - what the heck is wrong with eBay????? I think you might find that many of your fellow members here are regular users of eBay. Please advise what you know that should make us pull back from Skype becasue of its new parentage.

Merci - Paul

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