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Totally confused now...

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I am new to this game, and am getting rather muddled by it all....

We have the maison secondaire amidst the cows of Normandie. We go over for about 5 days per month on average. We have a landline.

I desperately need an internet connection at that end. I have a laptop with XP and wireless card which I cart around and it talks nicely to the two desktops when at home in the UK on the home wireless network, likewise BT broadband (yes I know it's not the best buy, but I can't be bothered to keep faffing around). I can dial-up BT from abroad but connection speed is glacial and that way Lies Madness.

I hear Bad Vibes about Wanadoo and Livebox. Is Wanadoo PAYG good enough for my needs, or should I invest in a decent ADSL modem / router and go that way ? Can I bring over my own modem / router from UK? The landline seems to check out OK, but you never know....

I have stonework to repoint and electrics to install so I don't want to spend forever having an internet induced nervous breakdown (I have the T-shirt and commemorative mug for that one at home ...)




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Livebox issues are connected with promissing TV down 'phone wires and not being able to deliver plus using mains power cables rather than dedicated wiring to transmit round the house.

In my own view web site designers should be manacled on a small desert island and supplied with two mono 80186 linked via a telephone exchange in Kampala.

I find Wanadoo for dial up internet access fine BUT their Email is incrediably slow because they send so much reduindant data every time you move screens . Downloads of large files is I believe function of local telecom links rather than anything else.   

Modem should be fine but will need tellin git is now in France as dialing tones etc. differ.  


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