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Phone and ADSL recommendations please

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Rather than Wanadoo does anyone have any recomendations for phone and ADSL packages, have seen these packages with unlimited international calls/ADSL for 30euros. Just interested in ADSL but the unlimited calls could be a tempter.

What should I look for, do they have a max internet use per month.

Any info appreciated.


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The best on the market currently is FREE, the website is all in French but is quite easy to go through. The only thing is you need to access it via the net at www.free.fr. The actual company is called Iliad and it is worth looking at their web site as well as it can be displayed in English.  
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[quote user="Malcpreston"]The best on the market currently is FREE,   [/quote]

I've just signed with FREE after a disastrous period with Club Internet - ANYBODY but Club Internet!

I was impressed by the Free helpline where they were able to offer assistance in English if necessary. 

30 euros a month unlimited broadband and landline calls within France and most of Europe (incl UK).

But you do have to check availability in your area - I fancied Alice but couldn't have her.


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The house we have bought (not moved into yet) is able to get upto 2meg ADSL or at least the neighbour can.

According to the site I can get Alice - ADSL + Téléphonie + modem Wi-Fi à 29,95€/mois
Would anyone say this is a better option?

Unless something else comes up I may look into Free.

Are they all unlimited, I havn't seen anywhere yet that mentions use limitations.

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I just mailed off a letter to Cegetel to cancel the unlimited free

local and national call option.  It nearly never worked.  I

was forever having to either email or phone Cegetel (phone calls at .34

per minute THOSE calls weren't free !!).  Don't forget the free

phone calls (at least with Cegetel) are from one main phone - the one

connected to the CBOX for your ADSL.  All other phones will be

charged at whatever regular rate you have going.  We gave it a try

for 3 months, but I was actually spending more time resetting the

system or contacting Cegetel than I would have liked.

Anyway, we kept the Cegetel ADSL account, just dumped the unlimited

calls option.  It was a great idea, but just didn't pan out for us.

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Download Skype (free) - calls generally cost a little less than 2c/min (unless you're calling an 0870 number in UK) and are free if to another Skype user (usually about 6-7 million on line at any one time). You'll need a decent headset/microphone combo (or USB phone). Works well - worst connection I have had so far was, curiously, to a shop about 8km away.

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Yes, we use SKYPE too, but my experience has not been all that

great.  Some days I can hold a conversation for 10 or15 minutes

without being dropped, but most of the time I can't.  This is

using the computer to computer connection which is free.  The

phone credits work a bit better and you are right, they are dirt cheap.

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