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3 month let required


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Sorry you haven't had more responses Danny, but fittersmate is the best advice - look for a gite that will give you a good long-off-season rate.

Or try airbnb.

I think the trouble at the moment is that those of us that live here are a bit socia-media'd out, what with trying to keep up with the gilets jaunes protests and Macron's half-assed proposals and all the social unrest and is there going to be another revolution, on the one hand, and Brexit on the other hand and what will happen and how that might affect us and our futures, and it's none of it very cheerful or positive, that we're not our usual happy helpful selves on the forums. But I hope you find somewhere lovely to stay and have a great holiday.
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[quote user="Danny"]There's not much life or enthusiasm on this forum. Just thinking aloud, sorry.[/quote]

Less thinking and more action on your behalf following "fittersmate's" advice will bring up any amount of properties available during your specified time period.
Here's a clue to help you on your way - Google -> '3 month property rental charente maritime'

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