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Hi, i'm moving to Bordeaux next month, and am currently trying to sort a phone line and internet package out ready for the new house before i go.  In the UK i have a tiscali package which is reasonably priced and looking for something similar in France.  Does anyone have any suggestions who i can try, who is helpful, who speaks english etc and also a good reliable package?
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Free.fr do ADSL and phone (free calls incl UK) for 29.99

Best going into a France Telecom shop and get your phone connected when you get in France, they connect usually the same day, then order a package online, you will have to sign up to a pay as you go ISP to get you online first, use a CD in many supermarkets.



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I think they are all pretty well as bad as each other.

I speak limited French and one can normally manage with these ISPs.  Sometimes you can find somebody there who speaks English  but if not its normally OK to get by.

Remember that there is no such thing as a “free lunch” and that with bundled packages you are actually paying for these “free” services”.  You can get some pretty cheap call rates (incl. International) through standard telephone lines (does not matter who sends you the bill, there are open to all without contracts, etc.).  The “bundled calls” packages are charged for on the basis of what people might typically use.  thus if you are not making a lot of calls then you will be a net “subsidiser” to those who are making a lot of use of these “free calls”.



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