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Problems with a new ADSL line

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A friend is having problems with his new ADSL connection.

He signed a subscription for an Orange 512K account (the only one available in his area at the moment) and was given a Sagem 800 modem.

The ADSL line is now active, but having installed the Orange software, plugged in all the necessary filters and connected everything up, the modem won't synchronise.

Configuration checked and OK. Device is working properly. UserID and password input correctly.

I brought my laptop over to his house, installed the Sagem modem drivers and configured an access to the ISP. I tried the modem in each of his phone sockets and couldn't get it to synchronise either.

I suspect that there is either a problem on the FT line, or his internal wiring may be causing problems.

Any advice?

His computer is a newish Dell Dimension. Up to now, he has been using a dial-up modem to access his local community ISP. We disabled this before installing and configuring the new Sagem modem.
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Before anything will work France Telecom have co configure the time and patch it to Orange. Normally Wanadoo/Orange try to time the delivery of the ADSL modem so it arrives about the same time as FT configure the line. However, this time can be variable. The quoted time is (or was) 14 days. Often it is much quicker than this but occasionally it can take longer. Last year my line needed re-configuring twice. First time was next day, 2nd time took over a month.

Depending on when the subscription wa staken out, it may be the FT still have to configure the line to ADSL.


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He signed the subscription on 19 June and the ADSL line was enabled on 22 June.  They originally gave him a Livebox, but after all sorts of problems trying to get it synchronised (and umpteen calls to FT/Orange assistance) we were eventually told the Livebox was not compatible with 512K.  So it was back to the shop to exchange it for the modem.


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