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Trojan Dowloader .Zlob.BDF

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Anyone heard of it?  Is it really nasty?

When I sat down to the computer this morning AVG was running a routine test and found this trojan in one of my temporary internet files.

It has now finished the test and has said that it has deleted the virus.

Now, I don't mind if you call me stupid because I have no idea how these things work.  But does that really mean that it's gone or has AVG just isolated it somewhere and I still have to download something to get rid of it.

I thought that virus proectors like AVG did exactly that - protected your computer from GETTING a virus.  Does it also kill them if they do get in?

Can I stop worrying or should I really START to worry?

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Generally, progs like AVG quarantine viruses and put them in a virus vault, from where you can delete them. Often they aren't automatically deleted as the file may be important to your system, so you need a choice whether to delete or not.

If you Google the name of the virus, it'll tell you exactly what it is and what it does. Most trojan downloaders I had came in the form of a Java zip file, which could be deleted with impunity.

Protecting your computer from GETTING a virus? AVG has done just that. That doesn't mean that it won't download it. What it will do is warn you if you try to run a prog with a virus.

You can stop worrying. [:)] It's part of the learning process in what av products do, what viruses/spyware/malware do, and what you perceive as the consequences.

Come back if you're still unsure.

PS - most trojan downloaders allow other files onto your system which in turn install spyware/malware/popups et al.

Make sure you've the very latest AVG update, and also install anti-spyware if not already done so. Xoftspy is very good and free.

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Thanks for the help.  It was in a temporary internet file so no problem deleting it.  I googled it before I put my message here but couldn't find anything about it.  I'll try again!  My AVG was upgraded yesterday so I presume it is as up to date as it can be.
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I downloaded Xoftspy and it detected several other high risk cookies and files that had not shown up with AVG, even though it was the most up to date version.  Had to pay to get it to get rid of them though!  Thanks for the help.
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Glad you've sorted it. [:)] As spyware/malware aren't technically viruses, a lot of anti-virus products won't pick them up because their signatures are so different. Hence the need now for specific anti-spyware progs.

Paying for removal? Ah, yes. Unless you know where to get the crack codes... (so I'm told - and searching for cracks downloads trojans if one isn't careful - so I'm told). [:P]

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