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Student Visa Question

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In the requirements for a Student Visa I have read:

  • A letter of admission (pre-enrollment) from the school which the applicant plans to attend to in France + 1 copy

  • A letter from your school/university stating that you are currently registered as a student
  • The question is, MUST I be currently enrolled in school in my own country?

    If I have my pre-registration from the school I am attending in France, is that not enough?



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    Yea... I’ve pretty much given up on my consulate (Miami).

    Any emails I send to them are pretty much a waste of time.

    They never respond to me. The few times they have actually responded, the answers were vague and ambiguous leaving me with nothing but more questions.

    It would be nice if I could get someone on the phone and hash out some of the questions I have, however when I select the visa department on the phone, it sends me direct to a voice mail stating they will answer no visa questions over the phone.... Interesting system they have going.

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    I do understand. We lived in L.A. and even when we went there, sometimes we felt like pulling our hair out.  However, we DID eventually get the answers we needed, as well as all our paperwork taken care of.  Our situtation was different, because we are both dual nationals.  But, even then, finding the right person with whom to talk was sometimes a bit on the frustrating side!

    Good luck and don't give up.


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