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Sky Sports News standard on Freeview?

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I can't seem to find Sky Sports News among my Freeview suite of channels, although I was under the impression that it should come as 'standard'.  I don't have ITV or Channel 4 either though, having said that.  Will I have to upgrade somehow to get Sky Sports News, or have I just skipped past it?
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Freeview is the name of the Digital Terrestrial TV system broadcast on UHF in the UK.  Sky Sports News is free to air on that.

I assume however that you're talking about viewing it via satellite.  Referring to


it would appear that you need a Sky subscription to view this channel.

However,  you should get ITV OK;  check the technical parameters on the link above.

I'm not clear whether you have a Sky box or not.  If you do then ITV should be there on 103.   If you have a free-to-air box then you may need to manually scan with the ITV parameters from the site listed above.

Post again if you can't get it.

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