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ADSL dropping connection

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We have a problem which I would like to see if any of the technical experts can assist with.

We have a 2Mb ADSL connection from Wanadoo / Orange running through a Netgear wirewless ADSL firewall router modem (having previously ditched the livebox)

The router and the computers are on a UPS surge protected power supply using an MGE ups system.

Despite this, when my neighbour is either electric welding or using a grinding disc, the ADSL connection is dropped as soon as he starts, suggesting a power surge / drop which is affecting the router, but I would have thought that our precautions were enough to avoid this.

Has anyone had a similar problem? or more to the point has anyone SOLVED a similar problem?  if so, how ?

Is it possible that the problem does not lie in the power supply, but in the phone line, which passes by his workshop?

We had EDF out, a totally useless excercise, they were unable to offer any advice or assistance.

Any help will, as always, be greatfuly accepted.

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I’m not a “technical expert” but…

When your neighbour is using his equipment is there any “noise” (crackling / hiss) on your telephone line – this could be causing a momentary loss of phone line signal?

Do you have a wired broadband modem (powered by USB socket) that you could substitute for your Netgear wi-fi router - if the problem persisted it would suggest that the problem was related to telephone line rather than mains supply.

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