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Free - Is this normal?

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I've subscribed with Free for their €29.99 all-in-one bundle, and have reached step 6 "Votre connexion est activée"

However, my line is completely dead?  When I click on display line characteristics I get an error message.

When I call the landline, the message says that it is not accessible

The Freebox hasn't arrived yet, so I cannot test, however this all seems very suspect to me.

Has anyone any experience of this?

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Apologies if I wasn't clear enough. 

I've just moved into a new place, I subscribed to Freebox total degroupage NDI (the last occupant had stopped their contract less than 3 months before)

The FT line, gave a dial tone (however you could not make calls from it) when I first moved in.

On Free's website where you follow the progress of your connection, it says I have reached step 6 of 7 (connection activated)

However when pick up the receiver, there is no dial tone, it's dead.

Also on the page where you can display the line characteristics, I get "Il n'y a actuellement aucune information disponible sur votre ligne"

My freebox is in the post, however as I have no dial tone on the line, it won't work I presume.

To me, this doesn't sound right, if my connection is now active, at the least I should have a dial tone.

As I am not a FT customer, I presume it is Free I should call?

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As you have gone for degroupage totale I suspect that you will not be able to make any calls until the box arrives as all calls  will go through that rather than any other sockets around the house.

I was about to go for Neuf degroupage until I realised that it would mean that any phone linked electronics, such as alarms and heating controls would no longer work........

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