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moving to France from New Zealand

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My wife and I would like to move to France, Perigord in particular. Both

of us have European Nationality and passports. The snag is that we have lived

in New Zealand since the

early and mid seventies respectively. My wife moved to NZ as a child following

her Parents and I immigrated to NZ after having worked in
Africa. In all I

only spent my teen-age years in Europe studied and did my compulsory stint in

the army and left when I was 23.To cut it short; neither of us has ever made

social contributions into any sort of scheme in Europe and although both of us

have worked all the time in NZ and paid our taxes we wouldn’t be entitled to

any sort of social benefit or super annuation if we left now. Soooooo....if and

when we arrive in France we have to work, which is absolutely no problem in as

far that we are very willing to work, have umpteen ideas to make a living, and

have no problem at all to contribute to taxes and what have you.

Now just to strike camp here and go to France to find

ourselves up the stream without a paddle wouldn’t do. So my question is.....

Could someone on this forum get in contact with me or point me to someone else

who is an accountant (British or Dutch, conversant with French law etc or A

French Accountant who speaks English). This in order for me to be able to

actually talk to by phone and or email and possibly meet up with when in France

to ask about and discuss some very pertinent issues requiring very pertinent

answers. Sorry that was a big mouth full.

Many thanks in anticipation.

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Further to this posting. The website owners have given me permission to use my website url as a signature and they were so kind to post that straightaway. This to enable anyone who would like to help to contact me offline without giving away all kind of particulars.

I have been digesting heaps of information about moving to France and the Perigord and the workings of the wheels of  the powers that be and that makes for a lot of tossing and turning and wondering if I'm a square peg or a round one and heaven forbid I'll find to have to fit in a round hole or a square one.

See the problem. All I would like, is to make a contact with someone I can talk to about the nitty gritty of things.


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