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NRJ top up before 19th

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Just a little warning for those of you who have decided to top up your NRJ mobile before the 19th. Don't leave it till the last minute to do it online as all sorts of hurdles appear....you have reached the weekly recharge ceiling.....can't find any reference to that....or your card is refused. After several attempts I managed to top up my husband's phone twice and mine only once but time is running out for unlimited credit. I know that NRJ have not treated us well but who does? It's still the best option for now and gives us time to look elsewhere!
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Just topped up my virtually new NRJ phone, I still have E3.50 left of the original welcome pack which together with todays E30 and the previous E10 top up means that I have E45.50 credit.

This should last me several years by my calculation but somehow I don't think that I can trust NRJ's fidelity for several minutes!

Nous verrions!

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