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CD Audio to MP3

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If you are useig a Windows based machine then download Windows Media Player from the microsoft website and use the RIP function. Its very fast and can read a CD in a matter of minutes. You don't have to 'play' the CD to copy it Media Player RIPS it at very high speed.
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[quote user="Jonzjob"]Importing the music either via Real Player or Windows Media Player is not a problem (I don't have iTunes). It's the converting from CD audio to MP3 that I am trying to do. Plus, now you tell me, I have a ScanDisk E260.[/quote]

If I remember correctly the RIP function came with Windows Media Player version 10. There are a whole lot more goodies with it so you can sync almost anything (other than a Ipod, which you don't have so its not an issue). To download it if you don't have it already use this link.:



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I have an older 20gb Phillips mp3 player picked up on ebay for £40 along with the player came a software package called Musicmatch Jukebox and I thinks its available as a free or pretty cheap download.

I just pop the cd in the drive on my laptop and it converts the music to mp3 format. Its handy to keep them in the library of the programme on the laptop as well as putting them on the mp3 player.

Have converted over 100 cds with no problem, in fact its easy, even for a technophobe like me.

This is the link to their site and I think you might find a free evaluation programme of an earlier version.



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I use CDEx (Windows). Its free and if Ripping to MP3 format gives far more control over quality and size. Apart from the bit rate (plus fixed or variable and a far wider choice than WMP or iTunes) you can also determine the RIP speed and processor use (i.e. slower Ripping, more processor use during the rip -> higher quality MP3).

If you want the control (size/quality/rip speed, etc.) its quite techy but also has the basic settings available so is easy to use as well.

It's freeware (GNU licence) and does all the usual stuff like getting track names from the internet, etc. http://sourceforge.net/projects/cdexos/


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