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Wanted! A Good Old fashioned Internet Dial-up Service in France.

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I have a friend who is about to move house & has just purchased a second-hand p.c. system from England. The p.c. already has a 56k modem installed and all is working perfectly. She currently lives in Normandy & is moving to another location still in Normandy.

Before moving, in 3 months time, she wants to try the internet out for the first time in her life.

Hence she would like to track down a French ISP who can still provide the old Dial-up service at a competitive price.

She is absolutely not interested in ADSL at this stage for obvious reasons. I would imagine there must still be companies out there who can provide this at a reasonable price.

I have looked at Neuf telecom's website and whilst I know for a fact they are still providing this service to existing customers there is no mention of dial-up on their site.

Any ideas anyone?

Many thanks in advance.



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Hi Sarah,

Many of my Friends use freesurf.fr for standard dial-up access to the internet, either they don't have ADSL in their area or just don't want it.  It works the same as in the UK using local call rates via an 0860 telephone number.
Try the link below, click on ‘ACCÉS LIBRE’ its easy to set-up with no hassle.


Good luck 

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I use free.fr when in my résidence secondaire.  You can go to http://subscribe.free.fr/accesgratuit/ to start the sign-up process.  They send you a disk and a password (I presume; it's several years since I set mine up). There is NO subscription.  The only cost is the time you are on the telephone - the price of a local call.
The main thing is NOT to use the disk they send you to do the set up, as it messes up too much other stuff on your computer. All you need is the dial-up number (which they will give you); your password (which they give you); and the username that you told them.  Your friend might need help in setting all this up if she has not had much experience with computers or the internet.

I do sometimes have problems dialling in though nowadays, and have to have several goes.  I am told that the companies no longer maintain their low-debit lines, so the quality is falling.  :-(


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Whilst I sympathize,you do not have to spend that long on a dial-up for the costs to exceed some of the lower b/band connections.Also, not having to wait for the off-peak phone rates can be a great advantage.
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