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Livebox & Windows 98

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[quote user="RonB"]Anybody know if you can install a Livebox with Windows 98 SE? The manual only mentions Windows XP SP1 and SP2 plus Mac OSX.[/quote]

Given that the livebox is a network node in it's own right (it has an IP address -, it will work with any software that can talk TCP/IP. What WON'T work is the shit software that they supply with it. Just set the gateway in IE to the livebox address and talk to it.

But, with W98 the wireless bit probably won't work (nor maybe the USB or the TV), so you will be wasting most of the facilities anyway. As others have said, get the free (or 1€) simple modem instead.


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Maybe the installation software on my CD-Rom is an early version.  It worked for me in all modes.  USB, wireless and ethernet.  I just find it works most reliably with the wireless mode switched off.  As a wireless unit it has poor range and it's not easy to add new users.

I've never tried the TV option. 


I agree, delete the Espace Wanadoo software.  It does work, but it's a pain in the butt - and why would anyone want it?


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