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English TV liscense in France

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Hi - just wondering &it's probably a daft question - we're taking our sky box etc over to France and will be accessing english channels - we'll obviously pay a French TV liscense - but just wondered if we would also need to pay a UK one if we're receiving UK channels........we'd rather not and are hoping not being in the UK we won't have to
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Oh yes and anyone speaking  any language in a TV progarmme will render you liable for that countries License also.

For instance that programme wiith Jonathan Woss about Japan, if you watch that you will pay more and worst of all, if your TV is not of French make (and doubtful it will be!) you have to pay the licence fee for that particilar country...it just ain't fair.

Have no fear though, a greve is being called for and a march is soon to be on the cards. The French are up in arms that they have to pay a UK TV license as they can sometimes see stuff in English.  It will be televised but let's hope it is in French only, how ironic would it be,  if we had to pay even more for our license, cos someone shouted out in German [;-)] [:)]

Or more seriously, no you only have to pay for a French TV license and that is lumped in with your annual taxe habitation demand (It is currently 116 € )

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